Multicultural church network


This is a short introduction in English.
If you want more information, feel free to contact us (contact details on the right).

Multicultural church network is a network of churches, church- based organisations and institutions that wish to work for and with refugees and immigrants to create integration in churches and society. Read more about our vision here. 

A special emphasis is put on strengthening the churches and organisations involvement for integration in local communities and congregations.

The network will contribute knowledge and build competence on integration and rights of refugees and immigrants, and development of new ways of working with these issues.  The network searches to provide services to the participants of the network, make the broadness of the churches involvement for refugees and immigrants visible, and contribute to make synergy-effects between the participants of the network. 

What the network is doing:

  • Providing information to/ from the members
  • Arrange courses, seminars and conferences
  • Build relations to other organisations, bodies and individuals working on the field of refugee and immigrants
  • Be a contact point for cooperation and lobbyism towards the Norwegian government.
  • Document experiences from churches, organisations and institutions with and for refugees and immigrants. Contribute to spread the experiences as well as development of methods.

Owners and network participants

The owners are all participating congregations, churches, church- based organisations and institutions. These are also the networks members.

All congregations, churches, church- based organisations and institutions who are or would like to work with refugees and immigrants can apply for membership in the network. The network is flexible on the issue of size of those applying for membership.

You can find a presentation of all members, in Norwegian, here.

Structure and organisation

Multicultural church network is a network, not an independent organisation. It is lead by a steering group of participants reflecting the broadness of members in the network. All members of the network are invited twice a year to a common forum.

The secretariat of the network is in the Christian Council of Norway.

The network is financed partly by contributions from the members, according to the size of the organisation/ church, and partly by governmental contributions.

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